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Apple Melon Ice – Kado Bar Nicotine Pouches

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Apple Melon Ice by Kado Bar Nicotine Pouches combines crisp apple, sweet melon, and a refreshing icy blast. Each pouch delivers a burst of fruity flavor and a cooling sensation. Perfect for on-the-go use, these nicotine pouches are discreet and easy to use. Experience a delightful fusion of flavors with Apple Melon Ice from Kado Bar.


Indulge in the delightful combination of flavors with Apple Melon Ice by Kado Bar Nicotine Pouches. This innovative product brings together the crispness of ripe apples, the sweetness of juicy melons, and a cooling ice finish. Each pouch is packed with flavor and nicotine, providing a satisfying experience for adult consumers.

The taste journey begins with the vibrant notes of freshly picked apples, offering a tart and refreshing profile. As you enjoy the apple essence, the infusion of sweet melon emerges, adding a luscious and fruity dimension to the blend. To elevate the experience, a wave of icy menthol sweeps in, delivering a chilling sensation that complements the fruity flavors perfectly.

Kado Bar Nicotine Pouches are designed for convenience and discretion. Each pouch is compact and ready to use, making it ideal for busy lifestyles and situations where traditional smoking or vaping is not possible. Simply place a pouch between your gum and lip for a discreet nicotine release without any smoke or vapor.

The Apple Melon Ice flavor is a favorite among those who appreciate a refreshing and fruity vape alternative. Whether you’re transitioning from smoking, looking for a portable nicotine solution, or simply craving a burst of flavor, these nicotine pouches offer a convenient and enjoyable option.

Each pouch contains high-quality nicotine and flavorings, ensuring a consistent and satisfying experience with every use. The nicotine strength is designed to provide a smooth and controlled release, catering to adult consumers seeking an alternative nicotine delivery method.

Experience the fusion of crisp apples, succulent melons, and icy menthol with Apple Melon Ice by Kado Bar Nicotine Pouches. Discover a new way to enjoy nicotine in a flavorful and discreet format.

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